About Me

I'm David Boykin - Lighting Designer

David Boykin is a lighting designer from San Diego, California that owns and operates BoykinLights Lighting Designs. Dave, under the BoykinLights brand, partners with production companies, venues, and artists to help bring their shows to life. After spending nearly two decades designing lights for over 1500 corporate shows, 3 venues and countless artists, Dave knows what it truly takes to amaze an audience- and it’s not only how you program a console; It’s how well you convey emotion, passion and story tell with light.

Throughout his career Dave has  designed, programmed and run shows on numerous lighting consoles such as MA and Hog and Chamsys.  He has a deep understanding of the normal constraints of any show: time deadline, budgets, etc. and is able to adjust quickly to ensure the success and flawless execution of the clients show.

Dave has had the opportunity to work with some of the worlds best artists such as Carrie Underwood, Washed Out, The Beach Boys, Lane 8, Unwritten Law and many more.

He has also partnered with some of the best production companies in the world such as Show Imaging Inc, EMF Lighting,

Power Plus Productions, Encore Event Technologies, Vario Productions and Velocity Audio Visual. Dave truly strives to be the best at delivering a high quality, high impact lighting design that will amaze your audience. In his free time Dave likes to spend time with his family, go on hikes with friends and visiting the Georgia Aquarium to see his favorite animals, whale sharks.


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